GF_Pack Extrusion

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GF_Pack Extrusion

Fim de produção

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Plastic extrusion template

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GF_PACK EXTRUSION is Gefran’s complete product for the automation of extruders and extrusion lines. 
It consists of standard hardware and software modules: 
– operator interface with Gefran “DIGISTAR II” Industrial PCs with 10”, 12” and 15” color monitor, touch screen and 10 membrane function keys. 
– Gefran “GILOGIK II” I/O modules with digital and analog inputs and outputs, temperature inputs, fast count inputs. 
– temperature control unit, Gefran “Geflex” intelligent single loop and multiloop series with on-board solid-state relays. 
– software applications preconfigured and preloaded in operator interface. 
A simple code defines all of the devices needed to automate the entire machine. The software applications are sized according to the complexity of the machine to be controlled: 
– EXTRULABO is designed for small lab extruders. 
– EXTRUCOMP is designed for medium extruders for granulate production. 
– EXTRUPIPE performs typical functions of complete extrusion lines for tubes and profiles. 
In addition to the specific functions of each application, every packet offers: 
– immediate and intuitive graphic interface to control temperatures and motors. 
– management of recipes and of best work values (exportable via USB port). 
– trends for temperatures and fundamental production values. 
– exportable process value reports. 
– configurable printing of parameters and pages. 
– counters for scheduled maintenance. 
– programmed auto-ON of system. 
– videocamera via Ethernet (netcam) for real-time remote control of system “hot points.” 
– remote service via modem and internet. 
– complete diagnostics of hardware (plc) including short circuits of signals and actuators. 
– choice of language (including Chinese ideograms, Russian letters). 
– various password levels at page and single data level. 
– easy local and remote access to system via Ethernet (centralization, diagnostics, upgrade).


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Main Page
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Analog Trend page
 Extruder page
Extruder page

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Motors page
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Motors Start Stop
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Language selection

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Recipe Page

Main applications

  • Small lab extruders
  • Extruders for production of compounds
  • Extrusion lines for tubes and profiles

Main features

  • Graphics pages dedicated to machines and extrusion lines
  • Dynamic configurability of temperature control zones and motors
  • Control of temperature, current, pressure alarms
  • Melt pressure closed loop
  • Control of motors in synchronism
  • Work parameter and machine parameter recipes
  • Configurable trends for process variables
  • Exportable historical files
  • Weekly programmer for programmed on/off
  • Scalability of application on many hardware architectures
  • Tested solutions based on Gefran Hardware/Software